The Sluzew Wall (this one and top)

Bert & Ernie by the Vistula.

Sinatra and compadre in Ulica Wilcza

Bacall on a Wall (Ulica Szkolna)

Never had I seen so much stencil art than when I wandered round Warsaw. Much of it has political connotations decrying the actions of people like George W. Bush and neighbouring Belorus leader Lukaschenko. Others are more symbolic, like a green Al Pacino asking you to say hello to his leetel fren (at the north western exit of Ogrod Saski), or a tennis ball telling me 'the world is round' (in a close off Nowy Swiat). Street stencil art can be readily found all over Warsaw, sometimes in the most curious of places. Particularly good for such wallfront revolutions is the wall outside the Academy of Fine Arts off Karakowskie Przedmiescie. For its quickness and instant messaging, whether political or poetic, the stencil is a voice like no other.

Kino Iluzjon

'Respect women or the bitch gets it!'.

This piece of stencil street art was discovered in Ulica Prozna in the area of the city centre that is referred to as Srodmiescie Poludnie, an area that formed a significant part of the Jewish Ghetto during WWII.

Adverts are not restricted to billboards. This one is for Poland's militant Catholic Radio station 'radio maryja', headed by the controversial 'Father Director' Tadeusz Rydzyk.

Varsovians vent their concern for their Belarusian neighbours and for the despotic dicatator Alexander Lukashenko.

This stencilled primate bears an uncanny resemblance to the visog of 'Father Director' Tadeusz Rydzyk.

Shopping done. Time for that smoke.

The Polish counterpart of the English language acronym FTP (the one that isn't File Transfer Protocol) HWDP (chuj w dupę policji meaning literally 'fuck the police in the ass') is the de facto form of 'aggressive graffiti' in Poland. This one has been written on the lock-ups at the back of the Police station (that looks like an apartment block) on Ulica Tyniecka.

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