On Warsaw's east side, between bridges Most Slasko-Dabrowski and Most Swietokrzyski, is Port Praski. Though very much lying in a state of disuse, the lack of human commotion belies a wealth of animal and bird activity. Though I have never seen them, there are reputed to be beavers in them there waters. From the bridge on Wybrzeze Szczecinskie it is possible to have a good look at the entrance to the port that in the past was used as a graving dock for ships. If you want to get closer, and with a little added chutzpa, you can enter the docks from Jana Zamoyskiego street, but watch out for the 'parky'! He's got a little booth there where he sits. If you're lucky he'll be taking a wander himself and you can slip past unnoticed. But be quick, for plans are afoot to develop the whole area with 10 storey residential blocks.

Next door to Port Praski, wholly separate from the dock, is a little marsh where you can see a pair of grey herons who live and regularly feed here. They also, on occasion, fly across the main road to the river and are not an uncommon sight, along with the odd cormorant, on the few stoney islets when the river is low.

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