The 'mountain' in question is of the rubbish variety and is located on the northern edge of Bemowo forest and the western edge of Bemowo airfield. It’s not often you get an open air chance to gain such a privileged aspect of Warsaw, so I naturally jump at the opportunity, even if it means suffering a complete olfactory breakdown along the way.

From the top tier of the tip.

To be honest, I wouldn’t exactly recommend the trip to the tip since the smell (which seems to cling to you even once you are long gone) is the most vile I have ever had to inhale. I never imagined a smell could ever make me sick but this one almost did. It's real primal stuff.

The tip itself is a pyramid structure which stands some fifty metres high and will probably go a few more before they decide to cap it off. As you go round and up, the tall pine and spruce trees opposite start to give way to the sky and the city beyond. It’s quite a sensation, this virtual enlightenment, climbing your way, so to speak, out of a forest.

A Parallax View

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